Nuts for Nutella

I haven’t indulged in the Italian chocolate spread Nutella for a long time. Today is yet more evidence that I’m a sucker for nice packaging because I picked it up at the supermarket just because I love their new jar. Or maybe I’m just using that as an excuse. But it is unusual and pretty.

Nutella 2014 front

A 1-kilogram jar. $10.90 at Sheng Siong supermarket. The print comes in several different colours. No purple, though :-(   but this pink kinda passes for purple.

Nutella 2014 back

The back looks the same as before except for the ‘2014’.

Nutella with sponge cake and ice cream

I think I opened the jar within ten minutes of arriving home, for an impromptu triple treat afternoon snack: Nutella on spongecake with ice-cream.

Photo from Nutella Italy's Facebook. Click image to go there.

Ah, it’s actually for their 50th anniversary and these are the four colours available together. (This photo from Nutella Italy’s Facebook. Click image to go there.)


  • Oh my God, there’s actually a ‘World Nutella Day‘!! Haha!
  • Grist – It takes at least six countries to make a jar of Nutella. Hello, Palm Oil (from Malaysia). Ugh.
  • BuzzFeed – How to make your own Nutella. (Goodbye, Palm Oil! Yay!!)
  • Mental_floss – 8 things you may not know about Nutella

Furious Pete eating an entire 750-gram jar of Nutella in the video below. I got furiously jealous watching it so I only managed the first minute. I don’t have the guts to enjoy life that much because I’m scared of getting diabetes and for my waistline, not that I am trim in the first place.


Day 85



6 thoughts on “Nuts for Nutella

  1. that packaging is so cool!! i haven’t seen it near me yet though – but i hope too soon! and haha, i totally fall for packaging too – i would have bought all of them ;) i’m a huge nutella monster <3 (though crazy pete really is crazy in that video)

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Chiara! I just popped over your blog and saw your excellent crêpes recipe post featuring Nutella, and they look very tempting. Cheers!

  2. Nutella is one of my most irresistible guilty pleasures. Cheeky bit when no-one’s looking, ha. I think I’m worse with Philidelphia, though.

    The packaging is great! I love how they’ve really stripped it down, it’s special in its own kind of way. It’s all it needs! If you’ll allow me to talk shop a little, this takes me back to this: from a good few years ago now, Which includes nutella. Some of those really elementary concepts work far better for me. You might enjoy them!

    • Oh my God, I love Philadelphia creamy cheese spread too. That and the Laughing Cow brand that comes in foiled wedges, packed in a round box. There’s a reason I don’t often pick up these things and Nutella at the supermarket. I know I can’t resist them once they’re in the house, haha!

      The link you included is very interesting. I wonder if the Nutella people saw that same post too and were inspired by it, haha!! My favourites were Schweppes, Red Bull and Pringles. The ones I liked least were Corn Flakes, Durex and, yes, Nutella. In my opinion, the minimalist design of those products work best when presented not just with the font, but with a little bit of their identifying trademark graphic. To me it somehow makes it look more elegant. Perhaps more retro, too? (or rather what I think of as retro, which is actually not retro but modern) And therefore more charming? I think.

      Thanks so much for the link, Steven! Yes I did enjoy it very much. Cheers!

      • I could eat Philadelphia from the tub… goes great with pasta, chucked in with some rashers of bacon ;) It’s perfect. The Laughing Cow cheese is nice too. I love me some cheese… and you’re obviously much more restrained than I! I can’t go on a shopping trip without picking some up.

        I agree with you, some of them do perhaps stray a little too far into the realm of simplicity and can come off a little cheap. Not a fan of the Corn Flakes one, in particular, nor Durex. But, when they have a distinctive, unique mark – like Schweppes, or Nesquik – the third option works really well. I love that one (though admittedly, it might be a bit too sophisticated for kids’ packaging).

        It’s nice to be charmed without being overwhelmed, I agree. Too many packages go way over the top.

        Interesting ideas, though. Glad you enjoyed it!

        And also, why have I not thought of dolloping Nutella on sponge cake…? That looks amazing!

        • Oh wow, that sounds like an excellent ‘Carbonara’ type of Italian pasta dish! I’ll tell Bert, he’ll be surprised he never thought of it before. As for cheese, I love it too, but it’s expensive here. I don’t know about the rest of Asia, but here in Singapore, decent tasting block cheese are not cheap (to me), it’s okay for a weekend treat but I wish I can have it every day! When we Singaporeans think cheese, I think we mostly think sliced cheese like from Kraft, haha!

          Oh yes the Nutella on sponge cake was indeed nice. My absolute favourite though is to have it in a croissant sandwich. That’s very naughty as croissants are so buttery and sinfully fattening, but to slice it in half and pour in a generous dollop of Nutella, it’s just too much but oh so good! I just had that this morning…arrgghh!! haha

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