An inspiring life

I saw this sweet video of a Thai ad from the blog Bryan Patterson’s Faithworks a couple of days ago, and I’m still thinking about it. Yeah sure, it’s an advertisement designed to tug at the heartstrings but I love it nevertheless. The story depicts the kind of person most of us wish we were and so strive to be, without fanfare or praise, but just as a matter of habit, quietly and in peace. It also reminds me of someone I have the privilege of knowing, but who I’ve lost touch with, and who I should try to contact again, just to say hi.


A snapshot in Bangkok


Day 81




2 thoughts on “An inspiring life

    • No. I’ve lost his contact information years ago. I hardly use Facebook, but I tried that too anyway, typing his name in the Search box there, but it didn’t turn up there or elsewhere. We didn’t have mutual friends I’m still in touch with.We weren’t exactly with the same regular group of people at the time. Actually that reminds me, that he was pretty much a loner like me who preferred to spend his time alone. I’ve thought of him on and off over the years, but the video reminded me of him a lot.

      Thanks for the compliment, Nuwan. I’m glad you like the video too.

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