Water tubes for flowers


I decided to grab some orchids I saw while at an NTUC supermarket today, those already packed in small bunches, because they look good and fresh, and they’re purple. When I got home, I found that the ends of the stalks had been individually inserted into tubes of water. I guess this is a new way of packaging flowers. Previously the stalks would be kept hydrated simply with a bit of wet cotton wool that is wrapped around all the ends together. It’s kept wet by being enclosed in a tiny, thin plastic bag and secured with a rubber band.

While a bit fancy and nice to look at, the little purple tube indicates to me the mass production of yet another new plastic item we don’t need. Adding on to the discarded rubbish that we produce, as if our planet is not suffocating enough. How silly. It’s just too much, when you think about it. The bouquet is already wrapped around with plastic, and of course at the cashier you’re offered a plastic bag to put it in to bring home.

I was about to remove the tubes from the stalks when I got the idea to plonk the whole thing into a vase, so that the tubes serve as something decorative. Looks interesting. Good for today, then I’ll have to remove them to get the flowers fresh water tomorrow onwards. I don’t think I can be bothered to carefully and patiently wash the tubes individually then fill it with clean water every single day, for a week or however long the flowers last.


I’ll have to remember to get flowers elsewhere. Hopefully the suppliers of other shops don’t use the tubes. As cute as I think they are (and they’re in my favourite colour!) I don’t want to keep having to throw stuff away unneccessarily. I do love the flowers, though. So pretty. And only $2.50, haha.



Day 79

4 thoughts on “Water tubes for flowers

    • Oh wow, yes that would be a great idea for people living in the States and other places where they are found. That reminds me of your wonderful pictures of them, including when they are at your hanging red feeder! :-)

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