Sprue Sculpture

A sculpture seen at Raffles Place. I like how it uses a popular toy item to relay its idea. After some checking online, I found that this type of panel of components is called a sprue, thanks to this post.


What I like about it is the void at the bottom left where there’s a dedicated space for two persons to stand, to be part of the sculpture. I thought that was a cute touch.  DSCN3047_reduced 2


  • mocoloco.com – TURBO Car Kit Wall Sculpture by Jellio (20 December 2005)
  • jellio.com – ‘Drive-In’ sculpture
  • makezine.com – Life-size boat model kit sprue (16 December 2009)
  • designboom.com – Michael Johansson’s injection molded assembly sets (01 September 2013)


Day 75


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