Eye of the beholder


My favourite Ashley Judd movie. It also features Ewan McGregor who is one of my favourite actors. Eye of the beholder (1999) is a drama-thriller about a spy who becomes obsessed with a woman he is stalking. I always have fun watching this, even though I admit I don’t find it very good as a mystery thriller. The plot is just too muddled and it’s not particularly suspenseful.

As a drama it’s much more compelling. The two protagonists can be a tad infuriating with their mad ways, digging themselves into deeper holes, but they’re so goodlooking and glamorous and riddled with so much bad luck and heartbreaking crap, that you can’t help but root for them to get together and live happily ever after.

The scenes are gorgeous, lush with a tinge of noir. Ashley and Ewan are captivating in their roles, and there’s also a cameo by Canadian singer k.d. lang which she performed well as Ewan’s colleague in the intelligence agency they serve.

I love this rendition of ‘I wish you love‘ by Chrissie Hynde that is featured in the movie. Her voice and delivery makes it truly enchanting. Here’s a live performance, uploaded by YouTube user cassiopeiaA1.


Day 70 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.


2 thoughts on “Eye of the beholder

  1. I also like both of these actors. And k.d. lang! I could watch her stir tea… I hope everyone clicks on the Chrissie Hynde performance you included here. Beautiful!

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