E J H Corner House

I love this charming little bungalow, and its location especially, right in the middle of the Botanical Gardens. Until recently it was occupied by a French restaurant. It was formerly the residence of the Assistant Director of the gardens, and named after Edred John Henry Corner FRS, the Assistant Director from 1929 to 1945.






Day 68

4 thoughts on “E J H Corner House

    • Hi Laura! Nice to hear from you again.

      I have no idea. I read that the French restaurant called Au Jardin closed recently just at the end of last month. So maybe the house is still vacant for now while its next tenant sets up shop? While writing the post I came across the following two articles.
      An advert from mid last year already promoting the space.
      About Les Amis, the restaurant group behind Au Jardin. Apparently the restaurant operated at the house for 15 years.

    • Hi Nuwan! It’s not much older. I can’t seem to find the info of the specific year, only that “it was built in the 1920s“. It seems that among the four bungalows at the Botanical Gardens that were given conservation status in 2008, this is the only one without the info of the specific year it was built. (Info from Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority’s website.)

      Thanks for your interest! Cheers.

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