Phoon Huat

We visited a friend for lunch today at Clementi and were delighted to come across a branch on our way to the train station. We love Phoon Huat, it’s always a treat to visit.


The Clementi branch of Phoon Huat.

It’s a local chain of stores that is long known for their huge range of bakery and dessert products, both ingredients and equipment. Seeing the goods they offer always makes me want to grab what I need to bake a cake or some cookies the minute I get home. And I’m always picking up snacks there every time we visit. But more than just baking stuff, among many other things they also stock an excellent range of supplies for general cooking, and most at attractive prices. DSCN3284_reduced ^ This is Grana Padano cheese from Mantua, Lombardy, which we normally use grated like Parmesan. This is a 1.2kg block and costs $32.34. It’s $26.00 per kilogram, so that’s $2.60 per 100grams. I think it’s normally around $4.00 for 100grams in a regular supermarket. DSCN3282_reduced

^ Tagliatelle pasta at $2.20 a packet. We grabbed one each of regular and spinach.


^ I saw these coffee premixes for the first time and thought I’d give them a try. Each packet is for a single serving and costs $0.40. At 30grams, it seems to pack a lot so I hope it’ll make thick and creamy coffee.


Day 66


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