Folded napkin


Folded napkin featuring 3 diagonal lines.

As if this blog isn’t random enough. But never mind. I’d just like to finally do this nicely-folded-napkin thing when we’re having a couple of friends over for dinner this weekend. I’ve been interested for ages but never got around to doing it. I’m glad I found these pictures. I had to hunt for them a bit in my massive library of digital photos. I couldn’t remember which holiday they were from.

Sometimes when we have a break in Malaysia or Thailand, there would be a welcome fruit plate in the hotel room, presented with cutlery and an elaborately-folded napkin (elaborate to me). I’d take one look and think “That’s cute. I’ll learn how to do that.” so I would unfold it step by step, taking pictures at every step. To try it when I got home, I would look at the photos in reverse order, like the following show.


1. Spread the napkin out flat.


2. Fold in half.


3. Fold in the left corner, almost all the way. This is to create the lowest diagonal line.


4. Turn over.


5. Right corner: fold out towards you. This is for the middle diagonal line, so not as much as the first one in step three. Left corner: fold in, to make the upper diagonal line.


6. Fold in half. Now you can see all 3 diagonal lines that make the decorative feature.


7. Fold up the lower portion, about a quarter or a little less.


8. Turn over.


9. Fold about a third from the left, then from the right. Tuck in as neatly as possible the lower portion of the right into the left.


Okay, done! And if that doesn’t look gay enough for ya, stick in a flower in there for instant added gaiety, haha!

Some guides will show cutlery tucked in the folds, which looks pretty as it looks like they have their own special pockets in the napkin. But to use the napkin, you and your guests would have to take all the cutlery out and rearrange them beside your plate, which seems kind of silly and awkward to me. So, no cutlery in the napkin for me.


On a personal note: I’m tickled to find that the more I write this blog, the more I realise I’m ‘gayer’ than I thought. Interpret that how you will, but it’s all fine by me.




Day 61

4 thoughts on “Folded napkin

    • Thanks, Steven!

      That would be interesting, folding shirts and t-shirts creatively, to give as a present for example. And I like the bookmarks too, so many ideas in there. It would be fun to try them out! Cheers.

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