Turmeric chicken

Instead of his usual roasted chicken, which I already love, this time Bert added an ingredient he’s a big fan of: the spice turmeric. It’s the first time he has used so much of it. It’s a fun and tasty twist to the dish, and was great as well with the potatoes which had been cooked together with the chicken on the same pan.

^ Yes that’s a cookie pan, haha. We never bought a proper pan yet of that size to roast chicken in the oven, but whatever, since the cookie pan works just fine.


 ^ Very yellow from the turmeric. Besides chicken and potatoes, there were also cherry tomatoes, whole cloves of garlic and a fruit ingredient I was surprised to see since Bert doesn’t usually like it with savoury dishes, which is pineapple. And not forgetting all that olive oil, now wonderfully flavoured with turmeric, which makes a great dip for the homemade foccacia bread featured in the first photo.




Day 60 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.


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