Cat sculptures at Cavenagh Bridge

A tourist friend who had visited several times and passed by the area many times was again in town recently. He was excited when he thought he spotted something new as we were strolling around Boat Quay. I told him the cute sculptures of the cats have been there for some time, but I was happy to see his face all lit up and be part of his joy as he regarded the bronze cats with wonder and amusement.

DSCN2347 near fullerton hotel_01

According to the ‘properties’ of this digital shot, I had taken this photo in March 2004.


So it’s been exactly ten years since I last said hi. This one was taken about a week ago.


Day 59


6 thoughts on “Cat sculptures at Cavenagh Bridge

  1. Love them! It’s a good job I’m not in the vicinity, else they might have, erm, ‘gone missing’, quite some time ago :)

    • Haha! I know you’re joking, but that reminds me that I’ve read somewhere that many already have, in fact. There were supposedly 15 to start with, scattered around the area, but only those 3 are left. Cheers!

      • Oh! Erm.. well.. I er.. I know nothing about that *shifty eyes* *bails out of the window* ;)

        I’m really not surprised. They would probably have all gone by now, if they were here.

        • Haha!! :-)

          Yes, and I guess that’s the kind of hazard the artist and administrators of the place have to bear in mind when installing art in public spaces, anywhere. A shame, but unfortunately a risk that goes with the territory.

    • Haha, thank you! As I wrote the post, I actually had a tinge of regret that I don’t have good pictures of the Cavenagh Bridge itself. It’s beautiful and historical. I’ll have to snap pictures of it someday and feature it here! Cheers.

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