Lunch at Tea Garden Junction

We experienced the coffeeshop/restaurant Tea Garden Junction in Johor Bahru for the first time . It was very good. Really good, when you consider the prices.


Chicken Curry Hor Fun. RM6.50 (about S$2.60)

I think that’s the name of the above dish I ordered for myself. I don’t quite remember, it was a blur once I had my first slurp of the curry. I inhaled the thing in a matter of minutes. The curry was so good; so thick and rich.


A closer look at the hor fun noodles


Bert had the ‘Nasi Lemak Rendang Mutton’. RM9.50 (about S$3.80). He said the Nasi Lemak was delicious and rich with the taste of coconut milk. I thought the portion of the rice was a bit itsy bitsy, but then again too much rice is really bad for you, especially of the rich variety like this. The mutton rendang was good too.

With prices like that above, it’s more economical than eating at a food court in Singapore! And you don’t have to stand around hovering at the stall till your food is ready, although ordering itself is via self-service. The place-mat menu is on the table. So is a stack of order chit and pen. You write the code number of what you want and bring that to the cashier where you pay for your order. Then a runner brings your order to your table when it’s ready.

The prices of drinks are reasonable, but look strange next to the food. For example you could have a Mee Siam for RM4.50, but the drink you order could be 2.50 or 3.50. Soft drinks are RM2.50 (about S$1.00), if I remember correctly. You could have plain water at 50 cents, but I was guessing it came straight from the tap, and honestly I’m not comfortable with that there even if filtered, so I didn’t have that. I didn’t check the price of bottled water, probably the same as soft drinks.

Definitely dropping by a lot whenever we have the chance. Located at Jalan Mutiara Emas in the Taman Mount Austin area. I don’t remember the exact number of the road, but it’s next to Jubin BMS, the mega tile store. Click here for the map there.


Day 58

6 thoughts on “Lunch at Tea Garden Junction

  1. Bang Halim di Indonesia,”Nasi Lemak” disebut sebagai “Nasi Uduk”. Di Jakarta,Nasi Uduk yang Terkenal adalah Nasi Uduk Betawi. Masyarakat Betawi adalah sebuah Masyarakat Melayu Islam yang terdapat di Jakarta.

    • Terimakasih kerana memberitahu saya. Selepas membaca komen anda, saya melihat gambar2 “Nasi Uduk Betawi” di Google Image, aduh, nampaknya hidangan hebat yang begitu lazat dan lengkap.

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