Chicken with couscous


What started off as an Italian style Chicken Peperoni turned into a fusion dish with strong Asian flavours when Bert decided to use lemongrass and other ingredients. I also loved the cashew nuts he added into the dish. Delicious. I’m so blessed he’s such a great cook, haha.


The couscous that’s available in most supermarkets today is so easy and quick to whip up. Mere minutes, really, so that it’s like cooking instant noodles. I like stirring in a big dollop of butter to make it even more tasty.


Day 54

4 thoughts on “Chicken with couscous

    • Oh thanks, Sean!

      I can’t believe it either. My smile is starting to crack, haha. But yeah, just looking around for the little things I guess that make me smile, or things I realise I do like but never gave them a thought before. I’ve stopped e-mailing the links to my ‘happy’ posts to the website that organises the challenge because I got lazy in doing that, so now it’s just a personal thing.

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