Oh finally it’s raining, Alhamdulillah, after weeks of an extreme dry spell since January. Sure there were bits of rain before on a few days, but it was always just a sprinkle lasting mere minutes. And yesterday it rained a bit more than that, but still just a lightweight shower. Finally two hours ago we’ve had our real proper downpour. And though it’s just a drizzle now, at least it’s still raining. Nice.

I’m indoors, having woken up late and just relaxing on my sofa looking out at the rain. Bert had left earlier and was caught on his way walking to church for Sunday mass. But he’s all smiles when he returned even though he’s almost soaking wet. He would have loved to really walk in the rain if it wasn’t for the handphone in his pocket. I should have ran out to meet him on his way back, bearing a ziplock bag for our phones so we could walk in the rain together, haha.

A bit sucky, I imagine, for the people out enjoying their Sunday in parks and other outdoor spaces. They would be thinking, “Damn, of all the days…“, but oh well beggars can’t be choosers. We really need this rain. The photos below were taken mid last month, and the dry weather had gotten steadily worse ever since.




Another bonus of rain is that it will wash away some of the haze which has returned since a week or so ago. I’m so sick of the disgusting burning smell that greets me when I leave the house, especially in the evening.

Anyway, here’s hoping I won’t be whining in a post soon about all the floods we’re having again because now it’s raining too much, haha. Cheers.


  • BBC News – February was Singapore’s driest month since 1869.


Day 52

12 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. We who live in dry climates tend to love rain, everything about rain: the sound of it, the smell of it, the feel of it. One of the best afternoons of my life involved walking for miles on a deserted beach in Australia in a warm summer rain. It was the most luxurious shower imaginable!

  2. Although I love watching a truly beautiful rainstorm, here in the UK we quickly get sick of all the rain .. Especially this year with all the floods and horrible weather we’ve had. But we’re now being ‘rewarded’ with an unseasonably warm March. Just hope it’s not a precursor for more bad weather lol

    • Yes I’ve read some articles about the floods in the UK. What a nightmare for the families affected, it’s truly a scary and sad thing to happen. I’ve had near misses in the past but fortunately am spared so far. I’m glad to read the weather has improved for you over in London! Cheers, Martin.

  3. Suara Hujan Selalu Membuat Kita Bahagia (tapi jangan terlalu Deras,jika terjadi Banjir repotlah kita) ^__^

  4. Eight weeks without rain! Blimey, did you need it. As has been said above, it’s been a strange 2014 weather-wise here in the UK, though here in Norfolk, we have been comparatively lucky with regards flooding. Poor Somerset!

    Nothing quite like going out in the rain, or being caught unexpected… if you’re on the way home, I suppose!

    • I’ve been looking at pictures of Somerset online after reading your comment, and it’s heartbreaking. Many of those people were still grappling to cope with the flood from last year! What an awful situation. It’s not like they can just up and leave to another place or do extensive renovations to guard their properties for the next time. These things cost a lot of money, and some families may have been there for many generations.

      Thanks, Steven.

      • I know, it’s so very sad. My heart goes out to them. My parents had to evacuate their home on the Norfolk coast, ahead of a tidal surge (worst to hit the east in 60 years) in December, but they escaped any damage. Looking at the scale of what followed around the country, they were incredibly lucky.

        Help is being tendered (though it seemed to take a dreadful amount of action for any major effort to happen), though yes, it is likely to be the end of the year before some people are able to go home, when it’ll be winter again, with the possibility of it all happening again. Horrible thought.

        It’s been a messed up six months or so in many places, weather-wise.

        • That’s incredibly lucky indeed! I’m glad and relieved for them.

          I can’t stand to read when governments are not taking adequate action to protect their citizens, as in not spending the money and effort needed to rectify the situation, especially when there seems to be so much money still that continue to flow out to useless stuff, including war efforts and corrupt politicians and other officials.

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