I was walking along One Fullerton and caught sight of these frangipani flowers in this fuchsia which I find so stunning. I couldn’t resist snapping a few photographs. I don’t think I see such a colour on them very often. They are normally either white with yellow centres, or some soft pastelly colour, but these are gloriously vivid.






Day 46


4 thoughts on “Frangipani

  1. The frangipani is beautiful, great pix! I’ve never been to Singapore. Imagine my surprise when I saw your second image and realized that the aliens have already landed there. WOW. It only took me a google-minute (0.52 seconds) to identify that amazing architecture as the Marina Bay Sands hotel complex. That is insane! And the pool on top… I want to go to there.

    • Thanks, Steve!

      Be sure to let me know if you guys ever come to Singapore, so we can grab a coffee together and some sightseeing! That’s impressive you found the name so quickly! I haven’t been up to the rooftop myself, the view is spectacular from the photos I’ve seen. Another nice thing about the hotel is that the sights around the location are also pretty, especially a new park called Gardens by the Bay.

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