He just waltzed into our lives in 2007, as a hyper-active and hyper-affectionate kitten, from God knows where. Just showed up and hung around the front door, refusing to leave, rubbing himself against my legs and going round and round in circles, and gazing at me so intently with those big round kitteh eyes, so intently like he was trying to tell me something. (which was probably “give it up, sucker, I’m melting your heart and you know it.“) I was really enamoured when he came running to me when I called him, which is so unlike cats to do so.

I was also worried about him on his own, being black. Stray cats don’t always get love and sympathy, especially when they’re black as some people think they’re bad luck or something

Today my sweet Blackie is still full of personality and charisma. The only thing is that he’s a bit neurotic where he would pee on anything plastic, so I can’t leave anything plastic or synthetic lying around, like my backpack. And he would still leave his mark on some corner in the living room, so I keep having to check. But as troublesome as that is when it happens, I’m glad he came into our lives. He hates it when I hug and cuddle him, but loves being stroked, and pretty much demands his daily dose. I think he knows how much he’s loved.





Day 44 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.


10 thoughts on “Blackie

  1. What a lovely unexpected cat! You were afforded the honour. :) I have four cats of my own, but also have myself a lodger, here – whom I have named Bernardo (though he will accept Berney if he’s in the right mood). He’s black too, but quite the big and bulky chap. He’s been lingering around for over two years, now… he waltzes in and out as he pleases, lounges around thinking he owns the place… (he does own the place, pretty much! Spoilt rotten!)

    • Thanks, Steven!

      Four cats! That’s wonderful you have so much love for all these cats, and for a lodger too, which is a great name for the outdoor cats who come and go. Bernardo sounds adorable. I have two other cats indoors, which I will feature in future posts, and some lodgers who visit daily and hang around outside as there is always food and water for them there. They’re such a delightful bunch to have!

      • I look forward to seeing your other cats! It’s nice that you leave food out for the lodgers – I do the same for Bernardo. I’ve no doubt he visits many other houses, too – but it’s nice to know you’ve done your bit, y’know? He seems to spend most of his time here, so I think he likes me best ;)

        Ha, well, I do have a rep as a bit of a ‘cat man’; I had six at one stage! I would probably have had more, but I was told off for getting to that many. I have always found cats hilarious. Such characters, such pomp, and yet so dependent and loving to those that take care of them. Lovely creatures!

        • Thank you, Steven!

          Haha, those sound like cat lodgers, alright. Mine go to different houses too. I’ve ‘caught’ them sneaking hurriedly back when I came home from work sometimes, which always looked funny.

          They’re lovely creatures, indeed! You’ve described them so well! Having six cats is impressive in my book. I would love to be able to have more. Probably when we (hopefully) own our own house someday, and are settled in at a more permanent base.

    • Thanks Cindy, it’s so sweet of you!

      The cats coming into our lives was such a nice surprise, arriving one after another. Before that, I used to think they are a little reserved and aloof, prefering to keep to themselves unless they are hungry. But I’ve happily discovered they can be very affectionate and ask quite a lot of attention! :-)

  2. Ahh, what a cutie. I don’t think people who don’t own cats can really understand the love that you can get from one. My cat is Molly. She is the sweetest most loving cat, and she follows me round like a dog. I totally understand the happiness you get from your cat.

    • Thank you! You’re right, even I was surprised by how affectionate they were after we adopted our first one. Your Molly certainly sounds like a sweetie!

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