My dad’s pasta maker


I found this stashed at the back of some kitchen cabinet around late 2012, and Bert has been happily using it ever since, delighted to discover a new interest to add to his culinary repertoire: making his own pasta.


My late father bought it because he had a passion for making epok-epok, which is Malay for curry puffs, deep fried pastries filled with curried potatoes, and sometimes with a quarter of boiled egg too. He used the roller function for that, to make sheets of dough for the pastry shell. I can still visualise him in the kitchen, carefully and lovingly rolling out those sheets, each one over and over again till they are of the thinness he wants. The happy and serene expression of his face as he does this. Chopping up potatoes into little cubes to cook into a thick curry in a big wok, for the filling.


My dad noted the date when he bought the pasta maker, and above that is a list of some of the ingredients he used to make his curry puffs. He used ghee, not butter! I forgot about that, haha. Now I remember there was always ghee in the house.

I don’t know how to make curry puffs or my own pasta and as far as I know, none of my siblings do either. I have a feeling he would be pleased and have a good chuckle someone still uses the pasta maker he had bought. That it’s still working just fine and appreciated. Bert has used it to make pasta for ourselves, family and friends many times now.

They had the chance to meet several times before my dad passed away in 1995. I’m glad about that too.




Day 43 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: thankful

4 thoughts on “My dad’s pasta maker

    • I’ve never used it myself! Bert is the main cook in the house, I’m just the occasional one who cooks once in a blue moon. And I mean very blue, haha. Cheers, Cindy!

  1. What nice connection to your father! I, too, am sure that he would be glad that someone is still using the pasta machine. And those curry puffs sound like something you should try to make.

    • Thanks for the lovely compliment, Greg!

      And yes, I think I should try one of these days. That’s such a great idea, and another way to remember him by. Thanks too for the idea! Cheers!

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