Henderson Waves

I’ve seen pictures of this gorgeous bridge and been wanting to visit it for the longest time. Now I’ve finally had the joy of seeing it in person and crossing it. It’s truly a remarkable thing of beauty.

Opened in May 2008, Henderson Waves Bridge stands 36 metres above Henderson Road and connects Mount Faber Park to Telok Belangah Hill Park.







Here’s a video by YouTube user market2garden:



Day 39

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4 thoughts on “Henderson Waves

  1. Amazing! I’ve seen a lot of pedestrian bridges but that one is definitely one of the more architecturally appealing. As I watched the video, I noticed it’s a pretty basic construction but the way they added the “waves” makes it look fluid and I am impressed! Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh thanks so much! I’m so happy you like it, especially since you are an engineer in the industry, and that you are impressed is so flattering (okay, now I sound like I built it myself haha!). Thank you for your lovely compliment. Cheers!

      • It’s good that you take pride in it! I wish all the communities that I built bridges in would take a certain amount of pride in what is built in their environments. More and more we are trying to focus on aesthetics as well as the structural aspect these days!

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