Malaysia Honey Pineapple


We rarely buy pineapple whole. When I think of it, I don’t know why. It’s not like it’s complicated or messy-ish to cut, like some other tropical fruit like jackfruit or durian.

I came across online that pineapple juice can help to combat the flu, which I was having. It’s one of those things you take with a grain of salt, but I thought, hey no harm trying besides all the other stuff I was taking like Vitamin C, lots of water, herbal tea, etc etc. We picked up a few whole pineapples of this particular type called Malaysia Honey, and boy was it very sweet and really delicious. I love it.

Pineapple cut_400x600

We got them at NTUC supermarket, and if I recall correctly, they cost S$1.50 each. That nice price makes it all the more sweet! I’m happy we got a few.

Sadly when we were at Jusco supermarket in J.B. yesterday, we couldn’t find this type even though it’s from Malaysia. Well maybe it’s just Jusco that doesn’t stock it. We bought another type which costed RM2.90 (about S$1.15). It hasn’t ripened well enough to be cut yet, I think.


Day 38

happy meter: refreshed

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