More curry, in a bread bowl

I’m still thinking of the curry Bert made which I enjoyed so much. This reminds me of the curry-in-a-bread-bowl available at Season Cafe, which has several outlets all over Johor Bahru.


The photos of this chicken curry that had been happily devoured were taken at their Plaza Pelangi outlet. Curry goes so well not just with rice but with bread. Any bread, whether Indian bread like naan, chapati, parata, etc, or really any other bread. So, really, it’s the perfect dish to be served in a bread bowl. Usually it’s just the mushroom chowder soup of some sort that we see in a bread bowl, which happens to be available at Season Cafe as well.

It’s such an exquisite dish. So cute to look at, and so tasty. It’s simple but immense joy to have these two things together: thick delicious curry and white bread, in this case French-loaf style in taste. Comfort food at its most satisfying. My mouth is watering as I type this. I have to stop thinking about it and wait patiently till I next find myself at Season Cafe, which should be in the next few days. Looking forward to it.



Day 36

happy meter: nostalgic

10 thoughts on “More curry, in a bread bowl

    • Mmmm… Roti Cane pun saya suka! :-)

      Kalau tak silap di Malaysia juga dipanggil Roti Canai. Di Singapura lebih dikenali sebagai Roti Prata.

  1. Your mouth is watering. I’m feeling really hungry all of a sudden for something that’s not available here, i.e. your curry Bread Bowl, that looks soooo good, I can smell it.
    Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!

    • It was, Greg, and I remember the portion was actually generous. It was delicious and filling, well since I ate the bowl too I guess it would be haha…

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