Scenic McDonald’s

This is the most picturesque McDonald’s I have ever seen here. I was walking along the road at Queensway, and I was surprised and tickled at what the trees parted to reveal. So unexpected to find the fast food joint in such a pretty setting.



24 hours! Dear God, it would be detrimental to my waistline to live near one of these outlets.




It looks like such a nice peaceful place to hang out over coffee and a book. I’m glad it’s a McDonald’s there. With the high rental rates in this country, I guess only a massive corporation like them can afford to have such an uncommon and lovely garden location like that. Otherwise it would probably be some expensive posh restaurant if it’s some other company. At least with McDonald’s almost everyone can enjoy such a nice setting, and even with free wifi too, I believe.


Day 27 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: laid-back

4 thoughts on “Scenic McDonald’s

    • Yes, it’s a very relaxing space. Even though it faces a busy road and the garden space is not all that big for a garden, the location is still very nice especially for a McDonald’s.

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