Unicorn lair


We were walking to Lavendar MRT station last Friday the 14th, when I looked up and saw this unusual cloud. We stood transfixed, admiring it. It was quite magical with its lining of light above it, tinged with a bit of rainbow. I wasn’t expecting to see a unicorn gaily galloping across the cloud or anything, but it looked totally out of this world. Maybe there was a more rational explanation for it, like there was a spaceship hovering above it, for example.


Anyway I’m noting it only now because I just came across the same subject on Stomp, and I’m delighted that some other people had noticed it too and at how happy they were too to witness something so unique. Stomp is a gossipy and tabloidy but fun local website I really should visit more often, because there are so many articles on funny and weird happenings there.

The article contains other interesting images of the cloud, with the rainbow more pronounced. Link here: Unusual rainbows put a smile on Singaporeans’ faces on Valentine’s Day.


We were near the junction of King George’s Avenue and Horne Road. It was about 5pm.


  • Wikipedia: Circumhorizontal Arc
  • Cracked: HAARP Conspiracy Theory
  • Guardian: Unicorn lair ‘discovered’ in North Korea


Day 26 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: delighted

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