Ginger combined

Our potted ginger plant and a piece of ginger from it.

It’s so gratifying to be able to grow your own herbs and spices. At the moment we have just a few in variety and mostly grown in pots. I dream of someday living in our own house, just a small cute little house, but one with a garden space big enough to house rows and rows of plants to grow our own vegetables.

Actually to be honest I’m crap with plants. Gardening is yet another thing I’m just not good at. The dream is more for my Renaissance Man. Gardening is yet another thing he’s beautifully good at. Plants flourish at the tips of his green fingers like they are magic wands or something. He deeply loves and cares for them.

He has a certain sixth sense for them. Sometimes out of the blue he will tell me, “That one doesn’t look well in that spot. There’s too much (or not enough) sun in that spot. Help me move it.” But when I look at what he’s referring to, all I see is another plant. I can’t tell which is doing well or not like he can.

Curry combined

Curry plant and leaves

Pandan combined

Pandan plants and leaves. Folded that way to break and release more of it’s aroma.




Day 25 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: blessed


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