His and his coconut water

Bert and I were working on our clients’s house, this time installing some fixtures to their boundary wall, when they came out to kindly offer us some coconut water. I was tickled to see the glasses were in purple, my favourite colour, and orange, which is Bert’s. Feeling silly and happy I shrugged and snapped a pic.

Just as well I don’t have Instagram or I would go snap snap snap with my camera on all my food and every little thing.


It was a hot day, and the drink was nicely cold with ice cubes swimming in it. It was delicious. Even if it was snowing and freezing, the sweet gesture would still be appreciated and would had still made me smile happily as I drank from my purple tumbler.


Day 22 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: refreshed


6 thoughts on “His and his coconut water

  1. Hum! It looks great! The Brazilians have been drinking it for years. So have people in India, south East Asia, the Caribbean and anywhere else that the coconut palm grows. I’ve been living in Africa for many years, and I love it directly from the young, green coconuts. :)
    Tasty post!

    • I love it too! I came across somewhere it being described as ‘nature’s energy drink’, and I thought that was such a great description. It does invigorate us, and actually it does taste a bit like those energy or sports drinks, minus the extreme sweetness. So perhaps their first inspiration came from coconut water itself, maybe.

      Thanks for the compliment! Cheers.

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