I haven’t indulged in this for so long. This cookie monster usually go nuts for chocolate chip, especially the soft chewy type. But this packaging of Oreos caught my eye. Pretty little rows of snack-friendly bites. I mean let’s face it, when I had them in the regular roll pack, I could inhale the whole pack without realizing it. But these dainty mini packs help to control portions, sometimes. I might have maximum two, so that’s six sandwich cookies, before I start feeling guilty, and gulp down the rest of the milk or coffee and walk away.


They come in quite a few flavours in the stores these days, besides the chocolate one in the photos above. There are also strawberry, peanut butter (which I love), and even an ‘ice cream’ flavour in purple-coloured cream.

While writing this I did a quick check for ‘flavours of oreo‘ online, and the variety available around the world is astounding. I so would love to get my taste buds on delicacies like ‘berry burst ice cream’, gingerbread, coconut delight fudge creme, candy corn, cool mint, and definitely cookies n’ creme and banana split creme. And most of all, the Triple Double Neapolitan. Who would have thought the sweet simple innocent Oreo now comes in so many delectable-sounding flavours.


Day 21 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: happily devouring

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