I like having fresh flowers in the house. It’s a bit of work having to change the water everyday, and snipping off a bit of the stem, but it’s worth it.


Orange is Bert’s favourite colour. So it was nice to come by these orange gerberas again. I was just thinking how this gorgeous yellow-orange combo is rather apt for the gerbera flower, since it comes from the sunflower family.


I’ve always loved floating candles. Even better, with flowers. Here I took inspiration from my trips to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, where in the lobbies of hotels we stayed at, I frequently saw arrangements of flowers floating in large, low vases. Sometimes this is accompanied by a leaf artfully wrapped inside the vase. My leaf was such an amateur mess, hahaha! Oh, well. I did manage to use it to keep the candle to one side so it didn’t burn the petals.


Day 20 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: sunny


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