Magnums to drool over

I was shopping at Jusco supermarket in Johor Bahru and came across my favourite ice-cream on a stick, Magnum. I love Magnum. It’s so creamy and rich, truly delicious.


In J.B. it’s so much cheaper than in Singapore. In the first picture above, I captured the special offer price of RM23.90 for TWO boxes of the mini ones. At a rounded off currency exchange of 2.5 to an SG dollar (actually as of writing now it’s more around 2.6) that’s only SG$9.56.

In Singapore, based on this flyer I found on, a special offer price of those two boxes would be around SG$15. So that’s more than 50% more expensive! Of course bear in mind that different supermarkets in both Singapore and J.B. will feature different prices and at different times as well.


Regular-sized Magnums come 3 in a box, at 90ml each.


Whereas the Mini ones, are exactly half at 45ml. Perfect for those on a diet, or those who simply find it too rich and sinful. I tend to get these, as I find it satisfyingly big enough already.


Naturally I have tried these two flavours as well and love them too.


In unrelated news, well not really unrelated since I did drool and lust over him growing up, this is another Magnum I think of when I hear or see the name. Ooh yummy.


Tom Selleck a.k.a. Magnum, P.I. Image from the Tumblr site ZestyBlog, via the Pinterest page Hollywoody. Click image to go to the latter.

A video of an episode found on YouTube thanks to user Michael Knight.


This post is Day 15 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: contented


5 thoughts on “Magnums to drool over

  1. I used to have a crush on him as well, but more around the 90’s and 00’s when he was popping up in movies like ‘In & Out’ (funny gay film) or on ‘Friends’. He was sexy back in the 80’s, but most definitely got better with age. ;-)

    • I totally agree haha! As someone who has always found ‘older’ men attractive, I think Tom definitely got even sexier with age. I haven’t yet seen ‘In & Out’! Your mentioning it got me scrambling to YouTube to check if there’s the full film there. No such luck, but I saw a clip of him kissing Kevin Kline, which makes me remember now that I did hear/read about it, probably the time when it first came out. But I remember seeing him on ‘Friends’ as Monica’s boyfriend. That was unexpected but great casting!

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