A courtyard garden at Singapore General Hospital


I visited someone at SGH when I heard she was hospitalised there. I had not seen her for some time and I wish we had met again in better circumstances. And there were other people around, family and friends, so conversation was a bit awkward. But it was nice to see her again and see she’s doing okay for now, so I’m glad I went, even  though I hung around only for half an hour.


Then before I left the hospital I thought I’d look for the foodcourt to grab lunch, and came across this pretty courtyard garden. It was lovely just sitting there with my coffee after lunch, doing nothing but watch the people walk past and listen to myself breathing, reminding myself yet again to be consciously aware of the good health I had at that moment and be grateful for it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I guess there are other gardens in other blocks of the huge SGH complex, but I didn’t have time to run around exploring.



Sweet little green walls. They remind me of the massive panel I had seen at Raffles Place and featured in a post here.


This post is Day 7 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: thankful

6 thoughts on “A courtyard garden at Singapore General Hospital

  1. This is so pretty! A great idea for a hospital to have this to keeps the patients relaxed. Maybe also for the visitors because they can tend to be more stressed out than the patient.

    I was at Singapore airport a couple years back and I saw the “small” flower island smack bang in the middle of a very confusing airport, so this garden at the hospital doesn’t surprise me LOL

    • Yes I agree that it’s a great idea for hospitals to have some areas for visitors to spend time with patients, away from the wards if their condition does not confine them to bed, but somewhere relaxing for a nice change for a while.

      I think I know the type of flower island you refer to. Glad that left a nice impression on you! Thanks Liam!

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