Large print books from the National Library

Over a week ago, in my haste to reserve a book online from the National Library (a thing of joy I definitely want to document as part of my ‘100 Happy Days‘ adventure) I had clicked to reserve a ‘Large Print‘ book, and I didn’t realise this until I went to collect it a few days ago.


The large-print book compared to a regular-sized paperback.

“Oh no,” was my first thought when I saw it, “I can’t bring it out with me. It’s too big.” I was so annoyed with myself, because reading on the train or bus makes the ride far less boring. I don’t get to read when it’s really packed and we’re all squeezed in like sardines, but when I get the chance it’s always nice to catch up on my reading.

I’m reluctant to bring this out because in addition to its cumbersome size, it’s a tad heavy to carry it for long with one hand while I flip the pages or hold on to a pole with the other. I don’t know how thick Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest is as a regular paperback, but in this large print format it’s just over 900 pages.

But when I started reading it, oh my God, I immediately loved the large print. It made me smile at first because I’m reminded of children’s books with their big text. But I quickly got into the flow of the story, and it’s a wonderfully comfortable experience for my eyes. I hardly feel the strain after reading for a long while.


Comparison in font size and spacing between lines.

I don’t know if I will intentionally borrow a large-print book in future, but it’s so nice to know our National Library has made them available. It’s gratifying that seniors and other people with weakening eyesight have the option to enjoy these books anytime they want.




This post is Day 6 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: pleasantly surprised

17 thoughts on “Large print books from the National Library

  1. I also just love reading in the bus or train. The time goes by so quickly when you are able to read a book. Sadly, I have to admit that I have read neither of those books. I need to get cracking on them.

    • I myself started reading them late. Years after I watched the Swedish film adaptations, I started reading Stieg Larsson’s Millenium series only last month, after a fellow blogger ‘timethief’ wrote in a comment that she just finished it, and was going to re-read it, so I thought, wow it must be really good then. And yeah it is amazing.

      The same for Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, it was years after I watched the films that I started to read the books. And oh I love both trilogies, they are so much fun, and I hope you’ll like them too when you read them.

      • I’m definitely going to start. I need to buy them or get them at the library first though.

        I just finished “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck as it was short and an easy read compared to “The Lady In The Tower: The Fall Of Anne Boleyn” by Alison Weir. I am obsessed with Anne Boleyn as you may have noticed.

        I always take turns reading something “light” after completing a “heavy” book.

        I’m back on “heavy” now because I just started “Little Children” by Tom Perrotta.

        I’m wondering if I should include a book section to my blog now too?

        This blog has evolved so much. It started as an outlet for me to talk about dating and being gay in Cape Town but now I am writing and thinking about so many other things.

        • Yes, I’ve noticed about Anne Boleyn! That’s interesting. My last encounter with this fascinating historical figure was in the film The Other Boleyn Girl, as played by Natalie Portman. But you already know that, as there’s a picture of that in your last post mentioning Anne.

          You should consider a book section, why not. I know what you mean about our noticing our own blogs evolving. It’s part of the beauty of it, I think. Mine is so random now haha!

          • I have watched so many documentaries based on Anne, I feel like I know her. I loved Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn in that movie. Eric Bana was another reason to watch he he he.

            I’m totally obsessed with Natalie as well. I remember for my 28th birthday, Black Swan was being released in South Africa two days before, I made this invitation inviting my friends to watch it with me at this cute movie theatre.

            I totally dig your blog and find it so interesting to read every day. I’m happy when it pops into my e-mail box.

          • Yes, Natalie is a good actress and very pretty too. It’s amazing and wonderful how that cute and talented child in The Professional in the 90s has grown up to be such a cute and talented adult.

            Thanks so much for the lovely compliment, Liam! The feeling is mutual as I very much enjoy your frank style and friendly tone in your writing.

          • Yes, one has to do that, otherwise you may just go insane he he he. I read “The Kite Runner” and “A Thousand Splendid Suns” back to back and I swear to you I couldn’t pick up a book for three whole weeks. I was an emotional mess.

            That is why when I read “Sophie’s Choice”, which now ranks as one of top 5 books ever, I swore I would not read anything “heavy” back to back again. I think I may have read a Harry Potter book after Sophie…

          • Wow, those are really heavy books! I haven’t read them but I can imagine that they would be emotionally draining. I’m reading I, Claudius right now and it’s very dense. I’ll have to read something a bit fluffier next.

  2. It is quite jarring to read a large print book for the first time. Everything seems to jump out at you. I don’t think that I’d want to have on one my morning commute. Not just because it makes books so huge, but because of those annoying people who try to read things over your shoulder. :)

    • Oh I know what you mean haha! This is why I don’t normally phone-text on the bus or train especially if I’m standing. It’s just creepy having that feeling people are reading over my shoulder. I feel usually they are more blatant if I happen to be reading a newspaper. I don’t mind that so much but definitely get irritated when it comes to the phone.

      • I get annoyed with any of it. It’s like they’re stealing my words!!! haha! But yeah, texts are much more personal. You should text things like “I’ve moved the body so let me know what I should do next.” or “They’ve found me. I need to know where the safe house is!” That would be super fun. :D

        • LOL that’s really funny! Yeah, I never thought of doing that for laughs. And right after texting that, I turn around to face them with a scared/shocked expression like I just realized they now know my secret, and then furtively look away, haha!

          • Oh yes!!!! Please do it! Hahahaha! And then jump off the bus/train and run down the street like you’re running fire your life. You have to let me know if you ever do any of this. I would be too self conscious to do it myself. :D

          • So would I actually LOL! But the scenario is so funny, like a comedy movie script. Thanks for the laughs, Buffy!

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