Exotic sauces


Somebody gave us a souvenir thing from a trip in the United States. Miniature bottles of dipping sauces! How cool is that. I think it’s the most unique souvenir we have received. Usually it’s the regular keychain or t-shirt, which are nice too of course. It’s truly the thought that counts.

According to one side of the label, the company Dave’s Gourmet is based in San Francisco, and the sauces in the pack were made in Costa Rica. The cute and catchy names of all the sauces are featured on the top part of the label as pictured below.


I was also happy and surprised to come across a video review of one of the sauces in the gift pack. Dave sure has some serious fans. In this video, the handsome and engaging reviewer Gabe Ram did the Ginger Peach Hot Sauce.

So I decided it would be the first we try. And yeah, it’s like what he said. A gorgeous fragrance and very sweet and fruity. The taste of both ginger and peach was distinct. And it wasn’t spicy at all. So I don’t understand why it’s called a ‘hot sauce’. But it was delicious, and exotically different than what I’ve tried before. Can’t wait to get my taste buds on the other sauces, yummy!


This post is Day 5 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: Lip-smacking

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