A colourful stroll in Chinatown


Descending from the heavens above, wildly and joyously galloping through the city to usher in peace and love in the Year of the Horse.

We met some friends for lunch and I wanted to drop by Chinatown afterwards to check out the street decorations for Chinese New Year, which is just around the corner this Friday the 31st.

I don’t normally go for these things. For example, last year I didn’t visit Geylang for the lights during Ramadan. Neither did I go to Little India for the Deepavali festive season, nor Orchard Road for the Christmas light-up. But the venue for lunch was near the South Bridge Road/Pagoda Street part of Chinatown, and as I got closer I was drawn to the flying horses I could see from a distance.

It was only about 2.30pm when we started and it was already packed. At some parts we could barely move. But I really enjoyed the walk, even though normally I don’t like crowds. I guess the time of day we were there was good, as I imagine it would be far more crowded and festive later in the afternoon and evening. But on the other hand that’s when it will all be magically lit up and becomes a whole other experience.


I love these tassels. I got some to hang from drawer handles. The bigger ones look pretty hanging from doorknobs.



Pussy Willow! I love that name, and the stalks themselves.


This post is Day 3 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: relaxed


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