A clean sink

DSCN2145_reducedI’m a bit of a neat freak. Among other things this means having no dirty dishes whatsoever in the kitchen sink by the time I go to bed. The exception is when we occasionally have guests for dinner. By the time they leave it might be late and I’d be too lazy so I would leave it for the next day.

Otherwise everything gets done and cleared away and I try to make sure the sink and stove are spotless and the rest of the kitchen is clean as well. Because I love it when I wake up and I go to the kitchen and it’s all nice and clean. It’s a lovely thing to have in the morning. It makes making coffee, and sipping it slowly as I groggily become fully awake (not a morning person) all that much more pleasurable.

Also, I love to clean house. And among all the chores my favourite has always been washing dishes. When I was a kid and had to share chores with my siblings, I would volunteer to do the clearing and washing of dishes after meals. Then I would attack the dishes and pots and pans with gusto, and when everything is washed and dried and put away nicely, and the sink and stove were cleaned too, I would feel such serene happiness and satisfaction. I suppose that was a bit weird for a kid.


This post is Day 2 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: serene

8 thoughts on “A clean sink

    • Ughh, I can’t stand public toilets either. If I’m in a mall, I’ve learnt to go to the highest floor. It’s the ground floor toilets that tend to be the filthiest because of highest traffic. If I happen to be in the vicinity of a hotel, I use the one in their lobby. Hotel toilets tend to be cleanest, as far as public toilets go.

      But places like train station and coffee shops, forget it. A quick pee is fine, but nothing more.

      Thanks for your comment, Nuwan.

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