Imran Khan vs. homophobia

I totally wasn’t prepared for how awesome this video was going to be. Found it via Gaybros. Where else but that subreddit as a reliable source for interesting gay stuff.

Just a bit of warning that there is that ‘f’ word at 1:50 and 2:10, for those who mind such things.

With winsome humour the video tackles some questions that are actually sad and dumb, but questions I can imagine going through the minds of ignorant, homophobic, or just the insistently hateful who are just hell-bent on putting down gay folks.

I laughed like crazy at so many parts, including the glitter ball and rainbow unicorn to illustrate the ‘gay AIDS DNA’, and oh my God, the stealthy gay conversion weapon. Genius.

But fun jokes aside, this video by the guys at All India Bakchod is really commendable for the effort to address discrimination and prejudice, even while it throws its hands up resignedly with a frustrated sigh at how ridiculous it all is. Sadly, here in Singapore we too have that 377A law which criminalises sex between men.

There is of course another famous Imran Khan, of Pakistan, the celebrated former cricketer who is now a politician. Who is incredibly sexy too, by the way.

But the hotness that is the host of this video with the breathtakingly beautiful eyes, is Imran Khan the actor, who works in Hindi-language films. An Indian American who was born in Madison, Wisconsin on 13 January 1983, (so he just turned 31 yesterday. Belated birthday wishes, you handsome big-hearted man.) Imran studied for and received his degree in filmmaking from the Los Angeles branch of the New York Film Academy. He is also a noted social activist, where he has taken up various causes including the elimination of violence against women.

I’m not familiar with his work, (I drool and fan myself more for his uncle Aamir) but for sure I’m going to be checking out Imran’s films very soon.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, it is so kind and generous of him to do this video. Risking his career and stardom, and his personal reputation to do this. I may not have watched a single film by him yet, but I’m already a huge fan of him as such a gracious human being.


“The point is, that you don’t need cultural approval to live and love in peace.”

imran khan

Image from the tumblr site ‘Imran Khan Fan Club’. Click it to go there.


Things to check out:

  • what’s elaichi? in biryani? (2:31) I love biryani. What is elaichi and why is it apparently gross in biryani? Have to check that out.
  • the question in Hindi in 5:01. Have to find the translation.


Update 25 January 2014:

  • A blogger I follow Nuwan Sen has kindly provided the translation in the comment section below. I’ll reproduce it here. It’s:

The guy in Hindi, states, ‘that no body has ever been arrested under section 377, do what you want in the bedroom, without talking so much nonsense (i.e. basically stop fighting for your rights, it all about sex and no love).

  • And elaichi is cardamom in Hindi as well as Punjabi, according to Wikipedia.

14 thoughts on “Imran Khan vs. homophobia

  1. I liked this post twice and the likes were erased! I was talking about you with my Muslim/Iranian hairdresser today and I showed her your blog. She thinks you are wonderful which is only right because you are! Cheer my friend~

    • Oh, wow that’s such a lovely thing to do Cindy, I’m so flattered. Smiling broadly here haha! Thanks so much.

      And thanks too for informing me about the likes being erased. Yes they are! I see there are also four other blogger friends who ‘liked’ the post, but this is not shown as well. Seems like another glitch *sigh*.

      This reminds me of going through the Reader and ‘liking’ posts of some other blogs I follow (I always visit the blog directly to read and ‘like’ there) Yet when I happen to stumble upon them again later, I find my ‘like’ seemed to have disappeared.

  2. This was hilarious. I loved it.
    I didn’t know Imran Khan was born in the United states, but he sounds sooo Indian.
    Not crazy about him as an actor. (His films are a waste of time), but like him generally in TV interviews and especially in this video clip. Like Mr. Khan more now.
    The guy in Hindi, states, ‘that no body has ever been arrested under section 377, do what you want in the bedroom, without talking so much nonsense (i.e. basically stop fighting for your rights, it all about sex and no love). Some idiotic people actually believe this stuff. Once an Sri Lankan artist living in Paris said that gay people are aliens disguised as humans, he was serious.
    How foolish people can be, even today, in the 21st century.

    • Thanks so much Nuwan, I’m so glad you enjoyed it too.

      Thank you for the translation! Yes I think I came across reading/hearing such a mindset with the 377 here as well. It’s ridiculous. If it’s not a big deal and people are not likely to be arrested for it, then why the need for the law to stay in the first place.

      That artist sounds like he’s the one from a different planet haha!

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