Selamat Hari Natal

That’s ‘Merry Christmas’ to you in Malay.

Inspired by the video by Mashable below I saw via Tastefully Offensive.

WINNER, FOR BEST SOUNDING MERRY CHRISTMAS: Lithuanian! Or rather, the guy who said it in Lithuanian, at 0:20, for the sweetest sounding ‘Merry Christmas‘ wish ever.

And the French version, all breathily sexy at 0:33, coming in at a close second place.

Nah, just kidding, they all sound equally nice, as they all mean to wish love peace and good cheer.

Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Selamat Hari Natal

  1. Many years ago when I sang with the Gay Men’s Chorus of San Diego, we sang a rendition of Bing Crosby’s “Mele Kalikimaka.” I don’t like singing in foreign languages to begin with, but that rendition was one of the most difficult songs I’ve ever sang. You can see the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus and the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus singing it on YouTube. Do a search on “mele kalikimaka gay men’s chorus.”

    • Oh how awesome to introduce that to me. Thanks so much, Russel! I’ve now listened to the Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters’ version which I like as well. It’s such a sweet little song. And now I’m enjoying going through videos of Gay Men’s Choruses. Such wonderful and joyful performances. I bet you had a lot of fun singing in one!

      • I started off with the Gay Men’s Chorus of San Diego in 1994, but when work to me to the San Francisco Bay Area later that year, I joined the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, the largest gay men’s chorus in the world. After returning to San Diego in November 1995, I rejoined the San Diego chorus and sang with them from 1996 to 2001.

        Do a search on the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. They are one of the richest community choruses, so they have money to commission new choral works. Their “Naked Man” was a commissioned piece for the 1996 GALA Convention. I’m singing on the CD but did not get credit because the CD was released after I had left the Chorus to come back to San Diego.

        • Wow impressive indeed. After reading your message, I’ve watched some of their videos, including a performance of Never Ever from “Naked Man”. Thanks for introducing that to me. I’ve realised choruses are quite magical with the angelic sound of people singing as one, and these that you introduced to me are made up of gay men, making it all that more special and spectacular. It’s so cool that you are involved as part of that, and with more than one group too!

          • “Never Ever” is probably my favorite song from Naked Man. For some riproaring fun, check out the “ExtrABBAganza” (another commission by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus) and “Swellegant Ellegance,” commissioned by the Seattle Men’s Chorus.

            By the way, 99% of all vocal groups that have “men’s chorus” or “women’s chorus” in their name are LGBT choruses. “Chorus” probably is the key word; straight vocal groups usually call themselves “choirs.”

            Some choruses, like the Seattle Men’s Chorus, are still not self-identified as gay by having “Gay” in their name. Some are really leally closeted still, like Turtle Creek Chorale of Dallas, another large and rich LGBT chorus but extremely closeted.

          • I’ll do that, I love ABBA! And I’ll check out the Swellegant one too. Thank you!

            That’s interesting, that ‘chorus’ in vocal groups normally refers to an LGBT group. And that some choose to not identify as ‘Gay’ including in their name. A quick Google check brought me to to this website when it comes to Turtle Creek:


            which is an interview article about a 2005 documentary on the chorale and some of its members. It seems very interesting, and I’ll check it out too if it happens to be available on YouTube.

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