Zheng Ge Ping 郑各评

Recently to boost my (rather too laid-back) quest to continue losing weight and be fit, I’ve started taking note of fit older guys around my age and older when I happen to see them in the news. I mean, no point looking at young fit guys in their twenties as that’s when most people tend to look their best. It’s when we’re older that it’s much tougher to maintain weight and fitness, so that’s when the bigger challenge comes in. And that’s why I find fit mature people so inspiring.

So far there have been Robbie Williams and Gordon Ramsay, and Jeff Probst, and I’m proud and happy to add a local name to the list. I first came to read about Zheng Ge Ping’s spectacular 49-year-old bod on Yahoo! Sports Singapore a few days ago in an article by Cheryl Tay.

Zheng Geping 2009-photoshoot-2-630x473

Zheng Ge Ping, via Yahoo! Sports Singapore. Click to go there.

Zheng Ge Ping 郑各评 is a Singaporean actor who does Mandarin television drama series. I must admit his name was not familiar to me, although his handsome face has always been instantly recognisable whenever I happened to see him on TV. When it comes to Chinese dramas I can name only a few whose work I have watched like Li Nanxing, Wang Yuqing, the late Huang Wenyong, and Zhu Houren. Basically guys I had crushes on in my youth, haha.

What’s impressive about Ge Ping is that, according to the Yahoo! article, he suffers from a permanent neck and back injury. Yet he still makes the time and effort to visit the gym regularly. He was at his heaviest when he was 40 in 2004, and decided to do something about it for the sake of his career. As he told Cheryl:

“It is a cruel industry in entertainment and as age catches up, you need to maintain well to keep up, especially when there are so many up and coming young actors.”

Ge Ping went on a zero-carb diet, and did a lot of callisthenics and running. At the time he succeeded in losing 14 kilos (31 lbs) in three months.

He has recently released a book called Star Fitness, which is about the training and diet regimes he used for weight loss and bodybuilding. In the interview, he acknowledged that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fitness programs because every body responds differently, and that his book merely seeks to share what works for him and to help encourage readers to have a healthy lifestyle.

Star Fitness is available at all Popular bookshops and priced at $16.90. Graciously, Ge Ping will be donating his share of the book sales to charity.



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