A ‘What Would You Do?’ episode touching on people’s reaction to homophobia


John Quiñones. From the tumblr site severelycalm. Click to go there.

I’ve seen a few episodes of What Would You Do? on YouTube. Hosted by news correspondent John Quiñones, it’s an American series where actors are filmed by hidden cameras as they act out scenes of conflict in public areas, witnessed by bystanders who are clueless that they are being filmed. The purpose of the show is to document how some people genuinely react to the scenes of conflict, whether they will intervene by speaking up, or simply choose to look away. It’s really quite compelling. I’ve only seen a few episodes and the scenarios they come up with that I’ve seen are impactful and distressing, and sometimes I even get a little wet-eyed, haha.

But this one. Somehow the tears were rolling as I was watching it in bed last night. And my snivelling woke up my partner who was already deep in slumberland, the poor guy.

Some reality shows I’ve come across are so incredibly dumb and totally unnecessary. I guess at the end of the day, this one also uses some kind of sob-story angle to draw in viewers and their emotions, but at least it’s for something useful and meaningful. It makes us think on what we would have done.

Of course, what we would actually do may be totally different than what we fancy we would do. After all we would all like to think that we are nicer and braver than we are. The reverse also applies; we might turn out to be not as timid or apathetic as we think we are. We won’t actually know until we actually experience the situation. But it’s always nice to reflect on our character and wish to be a better person. And to me this show encourages people to do that, and that’s why I like and admire it a lot.

(Via Gaybros and the tumblr site homohautblk)

6 thoughts on “A ‘What Would You Do?’ episode touching on people’s reaction to homophobia

    • Yes I agree, they do. I was going through some of their episodes on YouTube (there are many there, thank goodness for YouTube as I don’t get the show on my basic cable) and the amount and variety of scenarios are quite disconcerting, as it also shows that there are so many ways for people to treat others so shabbily. Sucks that that’s life, but at the same time it’s heartening that this show confronts them. Thanks for your comment, Sean!

    • Yes, it is, isn’t it? It’s a great show and I wish it’s shown everywhere. It’s great viewing for people of all ages, teenagers and adults, and I wish everyone have the oppurtunity to catch all their episodes. Thank you for your comment Cindy.

  1. I have never seen that show and don’t watch TV much. We are who we are and the expectation that we ought to change who we are to suit anyone else’s expectation is insane. The number of homophobes is on the decrease as well it ought to be. The rest of us are conscious people who judge others based on their character and we don’t expect anyone to be who they aren’t. Every day more of us will stand beside those who are bullied and tell the bullies what they ought to know and need to hear. Day by day conscious people are changing society and we know without the shadow of a doubt that the change is going to do us all good.

    • Well said, timethief! Your loving and compassionate thoughts are heartening and sensible and contain much truth. I’m so happy you have shared them here. Thank you.

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