Twerk them balls, gentlemen

This advertisement for boxers by Kmart is just too damn cute.

I grew up wearing briefs. There  was a short period in my adult life, lasting only about a year or so, where I tried getting used to boxers. Supposed to be healthier or something. Not that I care about sperm count haha, but I thought it would be more comfortable with all that extra room. And boxers are more comfortable, except when I get one of my spontaneous erections and my dick gets outlined against my shorts/bermudas/pants.

Being embarrassed and self-conscious about the outline is one thing (even if in front of my partner, let alone in public), but sometimes I can’t even move much. It can be a bit too painful to move because the dick is slammed against the fabric in an awkward way. So it would be pointless to excuse myself to go somewhere private to adjust myself since I couldn’t even move in the first place. I would end up frozen while desperately visualising something really ugly or sad.

So reluctantly I finally gave up comfy cotton boxers after clinging to them for about a year, and got into boxer-briefs instead. They do nestle the goods snugly, though I found that I have to be careful to wear blends that lean more towards cotton, especially for days where I know I’m going to be all sweaty all day at the worksite. The more synthetic blends would chafe the skin of my inner (chunky) thighs after more than a few hours of sweating. It would hurt to walk by the time I went home after work and I would walk to the train station with my legs open a tad wide looking like I just got buggered, haha.


Wrestling trunks, as fabulously modelled by Jack Black for Nacho Libre. Image from Click to go there.

Via tastefully offensive.


3 thoughts on “Twerk them balls, gentlemen

    • Thank you, Cindy! I’m so glad you enjoy them. It’s really thanks to sites for example tastefully offensive and gaybros. They have so much fun humorous stuff! :-)

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