Bodybuilder with pizzazz

When it comes to my personal taste in men, I’ve long found that what I find physically attractive are big men. I don’t care fat or muscle, just as long as they got some meat on their bones. And with thick thighs, preferably. Manly legs. But I’ve never found bodybuilders particularly attractive. Maybe in my mind there is such a thing as too big. Plus they’re shaven smooth to showcase every ripple of their muscles. I like my men with some hair everywhere, especially on their chests and arms.

But, whoa, the following Russian bodybuilder is definitely hot! Working that much fun into his competitive routine, he looks like he’s got a terrific sense of humour. That’s always a major plus point.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)


4 thoughts on “Bodybuilder with pizzazz

    • Haha I just cracked up at ‘bug-like’, that’s a cute description. I was also just thinking I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable moving around and living with such bulk but I guess it’s something they get used to as it is something slowly built up over the years.

      Thank you for your comment, Buffy!

    • Nice to see you here Jimen! I enjoy your blog as it’s not only entertaining but informative as well, so it’s a compliment to see you here. Thanks for reading!

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