Tightrope by Matt Alber

He just released his new video for ‘Tightrope‘ yesterday, and I’m loving the fun video.

The original version can be found from his second album Constant Crows. (Here’s a link to him performing it live.) The song in the video below is a remix, a catchy dancey version. I love that it’s so different yet Matt’s sweet voice and the spirit of the song is still strong in there, not lost in the beat.

He’s hot of course, absolutely oh so droolsome. I mean, that smile! Knees-melting inducing. Those puppy eyes. That boday. But his voice and delivery are just so lovely too. A good example is everything, but here’s End of The World, anyway.

Related: Matt’s site.


2 thoughts on “Tightrope by Matt Alber

  1. Yes, he is very droolworthy. I love this dance mix of Tightrope, but one of my favorites on Constant Crows is his cover of Take a Bow. He really brings out the emotion of the song.

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