Fake western accents. Part 2!

I can’t believe the little post I did about fake western accents, based on an excellent humour video by some talented Malaysians now has a ‘sequel’. But I want to document what I just came across via Yahoo! News Singapore, because I just find it so funny/tragic/surreal. I’m not laughing this time though. Just appalled. I find the video report by AFP so disturbing.

There’s actually a tuition school place in Hongkong that teaches little kids to adopt the American accent. How bizarre is that? What is wrong with having a Chinese/Hongkong accent? Absolutely nothing, that’s what! I’m just scandalized because I feel the parents of those little kids are sending the wrong message to the kids that one part of their self, their culture, the way they speak English that is, is just not good enough and that’s why they have to speak the way some Westerners speak.

Honestly, what the hell is wrong with some people. In this case, the parents of not one or two but a whopping three hundred and fifty kids.

Anyone with basic common sense can tell you it’s not your accent, it’s whether you use the language properly and clearly. Those parents should focus on their kids being taught to use the language well, never mind what the accent is.

Sometimes you come across incidents or depictions of people mocking the way Asians talk, and I feel that indirectly the parents of those kids are contributing to validate this, by indicating that our Asian accents are simply not good enough or just inferior, by making their kids adopt a western accent. You can see the mockery on YouTube for example. And sad to say, the idiots who make fun include Asians themselves. I wonder if they are ashamed of their race and think in some perverse way that highlighting how some people of their own race speak will grant them a better sense of belonging in whatever western country they are in. And then of course there are Asians who make fun or belittle other Asian races. Takes all kinds of screwed up people to make this screwed up world go round. I take comfort, or rather I tell myself that most people, the great majority of people in this world, are nice ordinary folks. Assholes are just a light sprinkling among us.

Too funny:

  1. The people on the streets being interviewed saying they prefer to speak English with a British accent. That’s still just as sad. That’s still not being yourself.
  2. The reporter with the U.K. accent, narrating the story in such a despondent way, like he’s thinking, “Can people be more messed up? WTF, this life….” *sigh*

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