Birthday card

Every once in a while I get hit by an arts-and-craftsy mood. This time I decided on a card for my Finnish penpal, for his 32nd birthday. I sent him a handmade card for Easter and he liked that. He actually reciprocated by making a card for my birthday last month, featuring an amazing professional photograph he took of an athelete.

I don’t remember how long exactly we’ve been writing each other. About five years or so, I think. This post was actually written last week on Sunday the 10th, the day I made and sent the card. I’m scheduling this post to be published only just after his birthday on the 21st, in case he happens to read this blog around this time. I don’t want to spoil the surprise that I made a card for his birthday.

I got the ideas through Pinterest. For the same card, I’m using two different ideas which are actually unrelated, but what the heck, I like them both. They turned out okay I think.

The idea for the front cover is courtesy of Ms. Courtney O’Dell from Sweet C’s Designs, first seen via the Pinterest of Lekker Suf, with the link to the picture here. It’s supposed to be a rustic-looking chalkboard inspired thing, but I think my background turned out too uniform and clean looking. I don’t know if it’s something I did or I need to tweak with the settings of my printer, or what.


That’s ‘Happy Birthday’ in Finnish. Or at least I hope so. I got the words from The cat is not ours, just a sweet little stray who likes to drop by our flat from time to time for meals and company. I tried to get her to pose but she couldn’t be bothered. The fleur-de-lis symbol is random, just something I’ve always liked.

And the idea for the inside of the card is courtesy of Ms. Dawn Olchefske, first seen via the Pinterest of Ms. Diane Lee, with the link to the picture here.


8 thoughts on “Birthday card

    • Thanks so much Cindy! It’s so sweet of you to make time to write even though you’ve mentioned on your blog that internet access at the moment may not always be accessible, I really appreciate it! Have fun on your holiday in British Columbia, Canada!

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