Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis


Harrison Cosmo Karthikeyan Jarvis (born 1st September, 1989), known as well by his stage name Cosmo Jarvis. Image from fan blog Click to go there.

Another discovery from the Gaybros subreddit, another of a few more actually. At this rate I’m going to have an album-sized playlist soon on my YouTube with all the songs I found via them.

Gay Pirates (what a title!) is a glorious song, and is the perfect song for a group sing-along, like in a rowdy pub with half-drunk revellers all bonding and sharing the love. I just sing it in the shower though.

It’s also actually a heartfelt love song, a gay love song, with unabashedly straightforward lyrics about one man’s feelings for another. Written and sung as if songs like that are the most regular thing in the world. But of course it’s far from ordinary. It’s unique, and beautiful, and sung with tenderness and passion. What makes it all the more remarkable is that Cosmo Jarvis is not even gay.

The song was released two and half years ago in January 2011 and is from Cosmo’s second album called Is The World Strange or Am I Strange?. An English singer-songwriter and filmmaker, Cosmo is only 23. So he was only 20 or so when the song was released. Wow. Add another wow factor that he’s not even gay, and yet he wrote and sang such a great and fun gay love song. And another one for that voice and sexy raw delivery. Another for the gorgeous face, which (bonus points here) makes me think ‘hot Tom Hardy‘s hot younger brother.’ And another one for coming up with the video himself. He came up with the concept and directed it himself. And finally another one for the massive talent. So many other brilliant songs to listen again from him.

Here’s a video of him singing it live. Dammit he sure is hot. Oh I already said that.

More of Cosmo here:

On gay pirates, another I love is the one from Stardust (2007). That was a great movie.


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