Folding cinema seats at old Queensway Cinema

I came across this interesting article on Yahoo! Singapore on Queensway Cinema that was built in 1977 and operated till 1999. After more than a decade of being closed, it’s being demolished now.

Photographed by Valence Sim, the shots in the article include the interior of the cinema, some showing rows of the cinema seats. I wonder what happened to those seats, shown to be green with tan upholstery and white seat numbers painted on them. I would refurbish them, but with the seat number intact. If I needed a couple of chairs/armchairs for my place, I would so grab them if they were for sale.


Photo by Valence Sim. From Yahoo! Singapore. Click to go there.

If a furniture maker bought over those seats, I wonder if he would be able to sell them at a good profit, considering their novelty and heritage value. But who on earth would want them? Well I would think:

  • Basically anyone who appreciates furniture design, especially of the quirky and retro variety, especially:
  • The people who lived and grew up in that area of Queenstown, and who have many fond memories of visiting that cinema. There are many such people, if the enthusiastic response to this post on Remember Singapore blog is of any indication.
  • State-owned places open to the public, like the waiting rooms and various other common areas of hospitals, ministries, etc. I’m thinking museums most of all.
  • Me. I would line up three against a wall to make up an interesting sofa thing (the armrests can usually be folded up after all, but if not that’s ok too). I would appreciate the bit of extra space from the folded seats when they are not in use. Yes my flat is that small.
  • And anyone else who lives in a tiny flat like I do. The folding element of a theatre seat is so that patrons can walk through the row of seats more easily. These days flats are becoming so ridiculously small that, who knows, present and future homeowners and interior designers could actually consider this type of seating from the practical perspective of space-saving. If it comes to that, that’s kinda sad if you think about it. But hey, we adapt when we have to, right.
  • Restaurants, like this one. Makes for interesting seating in F&B establishments too.

Suddenly I have an interest in these things. I’ve been looking at some of the different designs they come in, and they can be very interesting, from the ordinary but good-looking ones, to really good-looking ones, to the vintage types, to even startlingly minimalist modern ones.

Below are some ideas using these folding cinema/theatre seats. Click any of the photos to go to the sites where I got them from.







4 thoughts on “Folding cinema seats at old Queensway Cinema

  1. Oh I love the folding chairs in the apartments! What a creative and innovative look! Kudos for posting this Halim. How have I missed all your posts?????? The WP reader hiccups, that’s how. Frustrating~

    • I love them too, aren’t they clever and so unusual! Thank you very much, Cindy!

      Oh dear sorry to hear about the WP reader, I hope it’s settled by now. I haven’t been using WP Reader for a long time. I usually rely on the lists of blogs I have arranged on the right, I usually go through them weekly. And if I have more time to read more than once a week, I turn to my e-mail account, since I have e-mail subscriptions to these blogs. However, I’ve recently realised I don’t have e-mail subscriptions to all of them, and so sometimes I miss out on some updates myself. I really should just spend a bit of time on my WP Reader to fix it so all the blogs can be found there haha…

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