WTF Fashion 5

From London Men’s Fashion Week Spring 2014. Click any of the images to go to source.


KTZ Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Collection. From

I can see Prince rocking this striped ensemble. The sandals look really comfortable.


KTZ Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Collection. From

This would be great if the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie to be released next year includes an exotic Middle East location, just like Sex & The City 2 did.


Astrid Andersen. From

Good-looking guy with an amazing bod. Hideous outfit. But we do get to admire his pecs and abs. But we get to do that without the top altogether, so it’s pointless? And which probably cost hundreds of dollars, because it’s ‘fashion’? Oh the profundity of some rich people with too much plastic to burn.

Or: maybe he has a shoulder injury, and that’s a bracey thing. Ok now the whole outfit could look like its for hospital use; it does look super comfy.


Astrid Andersen. From

Yet another good-looking guy. And, wow, nicely beefy too. So refreshing to see male models on a runway who are not the usual skinny twig look.

Then they had to go put that outfit on him. *sigh*

Even on a woman it would look bad. Makes me think ‘80s aerobics queen with massive hair‘. Just needs big dangly gold loop earrings and a pair of sports shoes with splashes of neon.


Astrid Andersen. From

Maybe these handsome masculine-looking guys with buff bodies were selected for this Andersen show because the outfits would look too predictably feminine on the usual twinky male model? Ooh, look, tough-guy tattoos. Grandma’s recycled day curtains never looked so butch.


Craig Green for MAN. Image from

If this is targeted to the homeless crowd, they got it all wrong. Any homeless guy can tell you how to fold your cardboard house way more efficiently for easy mobility, so you don’t get it all in your face like that. And white (or beige or vanilla or ivory or whatever you call that) is not exactly a sensible colour for the streets, duh.


Sibling. Image from

This is not Nike taking its Dri-Fit Technology apparel to the next level, or the maximum level. Sibling is the name of the label that came up with this. Perfect for a spot of tennis, obviously. While airing out your nicely smooth man cleavage.

And this guy is the only model here who doesn’t look cranky at having to put on a ridiculous outfit. Sexy, dreamy smile on his face. I bet he’s mentally focusing on the cheque at the end of the day. What a pro.


JW Anderson. Image from (Women’s Wear Daily)

The top might appeal to women. It’s clearly a woman’s top, no? And a very pretty one, too. So it should be at the regular women’s fashion week, not at the men’s one.

Or maybe it’s to pave the way for the male side boob. So if it takes off, Macho Marys will get to show off their nicely muscled pecs they have worked so hard for from the side view. Not just man cleavage from the front view. Ingenious.


JW Anderson. Image from (Women’s Wear Daily)

Ditto. Women would rock this top nicely, for example with a huggy long black dress. A summer stole? An arty one. This is actually very nice, it’s like wearable abstract art or some origami art thing.

Ok, haha, I’m losing it, looking at too many of these photos. That’s not a piece of art, that’s a teapot cosy.

The following two pictures are from the London Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2013-2014 preview, held in January.


J.W. Anderson. From

Nice boots. Just a tad frilly at the top, but not too much. Makes me think ‘Puss in Boots‘ and ‘The Three Musketeers‘.


Sibling. From

Makes me think ‘Costume of the Evil Queen from the Molly in Mittenland fairytale’, except there’s no such fairytale. I’m also thinking of the cute gingerbread man in the Shrek animation movies, having written Puss in Boots earlier.

Poor guy. Actually I wouldn’t bother feeling sorry for him because models are highly paid, right? So he’s good. But what blows my mind is all the good things that had gone into making something like that.

  • A fashion design education.
  • Talent.
  • Time.
  • Money.
  • Effort.
  • Sketches. Pretty, creative, artistic sketches.
  • Actual hard work by people with actual skills. Knitters, seamstresses?
  • Wool, lots of cosy comfy huggable wool.

Resources, things like that. Oh well, art is subjective. And I’m not an artist, so of course I just don’t get it. But thank goodness for that, though.


2 thoughts on “WTF Fashion 5

    • I think I know which one you mean! The one in the 7th photo, in the outfit by Sibling, haha! Thank you for the lovely compliment. I came across these photos and realised it has been some time since I last did a fashion post.

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