The Water Wally Shower Dance Music Video

I finally caught the video by PUB that’s in the news recently. It’s worse than I thought. I mean, it’s even worse than this one, and I would have thought it would have taken a lot to top that. I don’t know why I’m sad about it. I think it’s supposed to be funny, or cute. It’s just bad. I just wish the ad would go away. I’ve always taken no more than 5 minutes to shower, anyway.

Mr. Brown put it as ‘a Gangnam-style wannabe video’. Yup, looks like it.

The video, as part of a water conservation ad campaign, is from PUB. That’s the Public Utilities Board, a statutory board of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources under the Government of Singapore.

I don’t understand why people need to be taught to not waste water. It’s been ingrained deep in me since childhood, by my parents. It’s common sense. But perhaps I too had been encouraged by earlier government campaigns that I don’t remember (but I don’t think those earlier campaigns made me cringe this hard or I would have remembered that). Perhaps this new campaign is meant for new immigrants to this country? Well as many other voices have said before, maybe there shouldn’t be so many of them flooding into this tiny country if we don’t have enough resources and infrastructure to support even the current population, whether now or in the future.

I’m thinking they’re meant for new residents because I’m thinking of my partner who is from Italy (who has lived here for more than twenty years, by the way). When I was walking in the streets there like in Rome for example, I remember sometimes coming across water fountains just pouring out water into the drains. Potable water. From the mountains or something. It was a surreal sight. Drinkable water just gushing out non-stop into the drains. So back here in Singapore, when he used to leave the tap running in the early days when he’s shaving for example, I would yell at him in frustration, “Would you please turn off the tap!! Water doesn’t flow down from the f**king mountains here non-stop! Water is really precious here!

So yeah, that’s why I’m thinking this is aimed more at the new arrivals. Because back home in their countries of origin, they might be used to an abundance of natural resources at their disposal.

But then I learnt from this article by Kirsten Han on Yahoo! News Singapore that: “According to this video, children at 185 primary schools across the country will have learnt the Shower Dance.” Oh my God, they have a name for the ‘dance’ featured in the video. It’s called the Shower Dance, and they’re making kids in ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FIVE primary schools learn it.

Well at least the thought of that puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh, and not just shake my head.

2 thoughts on “The Water Wally Shower Dance Music Video

  1. Where I live fresh water is recognized as a precious resource as there is go big daddy water (gov’t) supplier. We all we all have our own wells and we conserve water. I believe that fresh air, fresh water an unpolluted soils are the legacy we ought to be leaving the next generation and I’\m sad that we aren’t focused on that to the degree we ought to be. The threat to the underground fresh water aquifers presented by fracking for oil is HUGE and I do not support it.

    • This is the first time I’ve heard the word ‘fracking’ and a quick Google check brought me to some videos on YouTube, including this brief two-minute one:

      That’s a massively scary problem indeed!

      I have lived all my life in places where water comes at the turn of a tap, and I’m grateful for that, that our government provides clean potable water for us. It would be interesting however to live in a place like yours, where you have your own wells, if only to acquire skills to live in better harmony with nature. As the world gets messed up more and more and resources shrink, those skills could very well be more a necessity than a novelty for more and more people in the coming years.

      Singapore is a tiny compact densely populated island. The way I see it, we might be able to do it if finances allow us (oh dream on, Halim) to buy a plot of land in huge neighbouring Malaysia. Then I could look into the feasibility of doing something like articles like the following one suggest. A self-sufficient homestead! Such a lovely fantasy haha!

      Note: Illustration above is by Dorling Kindersley and is from:

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