Happy Vesak Day

Yesterday was Vesak Day in Singapore, a holy day observed traditionally by Buddhists, to commemorate the birth and enlightenment of Buddha.

While reading about it, I just noticed in Wikipedia that not all countries observe it on the same day. For example, India, Indonesia and Nepal are celebrating it today, and China had theirs last week on the 17th.

Me and the partner spent the public holiday yesterday with a friend who lives in Sengkang. We’ve been meaning to explore the Sengkang part of the PCN with her. That’s ‘Park Connector Network‘, a series of trails for jogging, walking and cycling all around the island, some interlinking with one another so that it’s possible to go on for hours if one is so inclined.

Walking the short distance to her flat from the MRT station, we came across a huge open tent and quickly discovered it was housing a Vesak Day celebration.


I like how it was laid out inside. The tent was completely open on all sides and the existing walkway is left as it is, allowing residents and other path users to continue using it by walking right through the tent. It’s very thoughtful of the organiser, plus it allows everyone to enjoy looking at all the gorgeous things going on in there. It was beautiful. I asked one of the volunteers in white if I could take photographs, and he kindly said it was fine. So I took a few snaps, but not as many as I wanted to as there were actually many more people there than depicted in the pictures below. But many of them were in prayer and it just felt off to photograph them while they are deep in their personal and private space. If I was standing further away it was probably fine but I was practically right next to them.

Anyway I wish I had spent more time perusing all the fascinating things in there.






One of the banners indicated a website, of the organiser I guess, and that’s vesaksingapore.org. The event is still going on, until tonight at 9pm.

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