Teen’s invention may charge phone in 20 seconds

Just read this story on Yahoo! News about this amazing 18-year-old girl from California, Eesha Khare, who came up with an energy storage device. For now it can power only an LED light, but more development on it could result in some spectacular uses. Eesha intends the device to eventually have the ability to power car batteries, handphones and any other electronic items that uses a rechargeable battery.

Her work was presented at an international young scientist fair, where she was named one of two runner-ups. According to CNN.com, the device Eesha presented is a black, rectangular type of supercapacitor that measures just over an inch long, and which Eesha said can charge a cell phone battery in 20 to 30 seconds.

The other runner up is also an American, Henry Lin. The top prize went to a 19-year-old Romanian, Ionut Budisteanu. These three kids were named winners from a pool of 1500 young scientists that had been selected from around the world to compete in the fair held last week in the United States. Eesha won $50,000, which the article said will help fund her college education at Harvard University. You go, girl! I hope she’ll come up with many other even more amazing stuff.

I so cannot wait to charge my phone and have to wait only 20 to 30 seconds for that! Hopefully when the device does get released into the market eventually, it won’t be priced out of reach.

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