Friends of Dorothy, unite!


From the tumblr site ‘These pics are made for tumblring’.

Just came across an article on Yahoo! Singapore called ‘Behind the doors of Singapore’s gay night club scene’, written by Sheila Sarvananda. Interesting read.

I haven’t gone clubbing for ages! Well maybe not exactly ages, but just three or four years ago haha. Just not a nightspot person.

And another funny thing is that it took a foreigner, a friend all the way from Canada who was visiting for work, who introduced this local to the club he last went to. That was Taboo, one of the clubs featured in the article. I liked Taboo. Went there a few times, including to take a Thai friend visiting here as a tourist. He liked it heaps too.

I don’t remember Taboo as a club with a dance floor back then, although it did have a resident DJ playing loud throbby dance music. But I remember it still being very loungey and relaxing, with a big outdoor space out front with lots of seats. They have moved apparently, according to this directory listing on Anyway, to learn more about it, their website is here.

And posted by Singaypore, (which I just discovered now, looks interesting so going back later to look-see more) here’s a video I came across on YouTube; one of those male beauty pageant things I guess.

Ooohh… so many gorgeous guys. That’s nice.


But poor Dottie looks scandalized! Or maybe just impressed like I am. From the tumblr site ‘I’m Only Dreaming’.

Another joint here in Singapore introduced by the Canadian friend as well was Backstage, located in Chinatown. That was definitely more of a chill-out bar. I remember it as a very pleasant place to just hang out and chat with friends, even when it was packed. I liked the seats out at the balcony.

The website of Backstage is here, where it’s described as ‘a cozy bar for friends of Dorothy’ lol.

So there’s that friends-of-Dorothy term I came across yet again, which I didn’t hear of before this evening writing for this post. Hmmm. During ‘my time’ (oh Gawd first time I’m saying ‘during my time’, so now I officially start to feel old…at 39) I heard us referred to among ourselves as PLU, if I’m not mistaken. That’s ‘People Like Us’. Which has a quaint sweet ring to it, doncha think. But ‘friends of Dorothy’? That just has to refer to Wizard of Oz (1939), I guess? I think it’s cute, but are there no straight guys who like Wizard of Oz LOL? Not even remotely? Not even as a kid? Who care to befriend Dorothy too? Poor Dorothy, forever alone f** hag haha…

8 thoughts on “Friends of Dorothy, unite!

  1. I am not into gay world, but I always like to open my eyes with a open heart!
    Hey! Thanks for sharing, it really eyes opening! Besides that their bodies is beautiful,really no pain no gain! I always belief!
    Have a great weekend,Brother!

    • Thank you so much for having an open mind and a huge heart, Sydney! It’s supportive people like you that gives me and the rest of us so much encouragement!

      And yes I agree, no pain no gain hahaha!! It takes a lot of effort and discipline over a long period of time to achieve a body like those guys have.

      Wishing you a great weekend too, Brother!

  2. Friend of Dorothy- because the gay community is known to be a big fan base for Judy Garland. (Kind of like Madonna or Lady Gaga or Judy Garland’s daughter Liza Minnelli.)

    The reference has been around as long as I’ve been aware, but then again I’m just a wee 31. What? 31 is old? Blasphemy.

    Did you ever watch that 90s movie Clueless? They drop the reference there.

    • Thanks, Laura!

      I didn’t catch the reference in Clueless, but I loved that movie! That was hilarious, one of those ‘high school classics’.

      • Clueless clip here: :)

        And I found this funny tidbit on Wikipedia:
        “In the early 1980s, the Naval Investigative Service was investigating homosexuality in the Chicago area. Agents discovered that gay men sometimes referred to themselves as “friends of Dorothy.” Unaware of the historical meaning of the term, the NIS believed that there actually was some woman named Dorothy at the center of a massive ring of homosexual military personnel, so they launched an enormous and obviously futile hunt for the elusive “Dorothy”, hoping to find her and convince her to reveal the names of gay servicemembers.”

        • Thanks for the clip. If I had watched it again without you telling me it’s that particular clip that contains the ‘friend of Dorothy’ reference, I would have missed it again. I only caught ‘Oscar Wilde reading’ haha…. And this is an American movie! Usually it’s British movies that I would switch on the subtitles if I watch them at home. I find the English accent somewhat ‘thicker’ and a bit harder to catch.

          I read that too on Wikipedia :-) That was hysterical. The gay military personnel must have almost died laughing in private at the delicious revenge on the investigating officers. Too bad there’s no Wiki back then haha… Thanks for putting the quote here; it’s really funny.

          • Yeah, I don’t know why I remembered that phrase in that clip. I think I watched Clueless way too many times in my teenage years. Embarrassingly, I practically had the movie memorized.

          • LOL nothing to be embarrassed about, we all have our favourite movies, and some are more special than others. I wish I love something that much, I just realized there’s no book or poem even that I love enough to memorize a couple of lines. Gotta get to work on that; reread a favourite book or two.

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