Merry Christmas


‘Depiction of nativity with Christmas tree backdrop’, by JeffWeese. Source: Wikipedia. Click image to go there.

Widely observed as a holiday on 25th December in many countries around the world, Christmas is celebrated by Christians as a commemoration of the birth of Jesus.

As my partner B is Catholic, for many years I happily join him in celebrating this joyous occasion by setting up the Christmas tree and other decorations around the house, and helping to prepare for special meals. We try to have a Christmas eve dinner every year, but in recent years this was difficult as we either had to travel, or the festive period coincided with a work project, and we were just too exhausted or there wasn’t enough time to plan and prepare. He’s a fantastic cook and he always insists on cooking the whole thing.

But happily enough, we managed yesterday. We had three close dear friends join us for a special intimate dinner at our flat. I thought it might be too cramped and uncomfortable; my place and dining table are tiny haha… but everything turned out nicely. It was the first time we had a dinner there since we moved in there about three years ago.

There’s even a Catholic church nearby, within walking distance about ten minutes, for B to go to for mass earlier today. Such convenience.


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