Freaking out over bloody nipples

In June I participated in the Half Marathon event at the Standard Chartered Marathon Kuala Lumpur, and for the first time my nipples hurt like crazy for days afterwards. The pain was excruciating in the shower. It had never happened before with other marathons, half or full.

I put it down to opting for a baggier running singlet for comfort, but ended up having the fabric rub against my nips even more during the 21km jog-walk, than a more huggy singlet would. Maybe, I don’t know.

Then I just had to come across this Buzzfeed article, which brought my delicate eyeballs to settle on this beauty:

bloody nipples marathon

Photo by seth2dana. Source:, via Buzzfeed. Click photo to go to source.

And in a daze of morbid fascination, my index finger just had to click on the source at flickr, which brought me to many other photos of bloody manipples.

Normally I would just go ‘eww’ a bit, laugh, then forget about it. But it happened mere weeks before I did the Full Marathon in Singapore last Sunday. And with the memory of the bloodless but still painfully chaffed nips from June fresh in my mind, I was concerned just a teeny wee bit. No, I should be honest. I was terrified.

I told myself the photos are photoshopped or that’s just paint dabbed on for a laugh, but just in case, I took up the suggestion of one of the commenters there by sticking band-aids over them nips. Simple and cheap, and turned out to work well too. I chose the ‘fabric’ type of band-aids, which tend to stay on longer than the plastic type, and they did stay on for the 6 hours 18 minutes I took to finish the course. Impressive of the humble band-aid, considering I was drenched with sweat practically the entire time.


4 thoughts on “Freaking out over bloody nipples

  1. You ran a marathon?!? Congratulations!

    I did a half marathon once and could hardly walk for three days after. It convinced me I never wanted to run a full one. Sigh, I wish I was the kind of person who wanted to run marathons.

    • Thanks, Laura!

      And half marathons are great achievements too, so good for you! I’m glad for my second half marathon, the one in KL in June. I was feeling lethargic and stressed months before that, and I knew I didn’t have the energy or time to train for a full marathon, so I decided to go for the half then. At the finishing line, I was so relieved and grateful for my decision.

      The one last weekend was my third full, but I have failed to go sub-6 hours till now, so that’s on my wish-list. And I’m still aching, plus I think I killed off some of my toenails again or something lol. Another tedious round of weeks waiting for them to fall off and more weeks for new ones to grow out, ugh.

      I’ve decided no more marathons at my current weight. I’m now 92kg (203 lbs), I’d like to be about 80 (176 lbs) before another attempt. Only then I might have a decent chance of going under 6 hours, I think.

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