Black beauties

Going through the archive of my Tumblr (NSFW) and realised with no surprise there are quite a few photos of black cats. I adore all cats and dogs, but it wasn’t until Blackie came into our lives like maybe five years ago, that I think they have a special quality to them.

All the images below were reblogs so I do not own the copyright.

Also please bear in mind that some of the Tumblr sites named in the caption may contain images that are NSFW. So click on them only if this okay with you.

black cat, Tumblr

Via amaniman. Source: taylasudall.

cats, black cats, guys with glasses, cute boys with cats, Tumblr

Via guyswithglasses. Source: cuteboyswithcats

Via lifeisbeautifulmyfriend

Source: randomhilariouspictures

Source: randomhilariouspictures

Via doctexmex. Source: cuteoverload

Via aresbear75. Source: Buzzfeed

Via doctexmex. Source: terryford85

Via akosgravis. Source: nemome

Via guyswithglasses. Source: daintyloops

Source: randomhilariouspictures

And this one below is my absolute favourite. I wish I know who the photographer is because I so love it.

This would look amazing as a huge poster with dimensions like 2metres-times-2metres or even bigger, above a sofa or bed. Stunning and elegant and with a sexy dose of humour.

Via mansexfashion. Source: thelunarman

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